101 thoughts on “BBM for android released [Download Now]

  1. i installed on my note1 it shows an error saying your connection to the wireless network is turned off ,restore your connection and try again. please reply

  2. I sent your link to my some friends but everytime they click on download it says that there is something with the bandwith…what is happeneing?

  3. The file cannot be opened. Call me real slow. But too many windows open and various download links what should I use. Please help. I’m using s3

  4. Was able to dload it, thanks. But I have a friend and we invited each other’s pin but we cannot see any requests. Help again thanks so much

  5. ohh :( ok. but thanks anyway for having this site. it pretty helped most people who wants to have an advance bbm on android. Can I know your pin so I could try adding you if it will work?

  6. I have downloaded and installed this app. But it won’t let me open it and if it does open it comes up with Network Connection Failed! Says something about connecting to WiFi, but I already am.

  7. do you encounter problems like pending invitations where you cant add people to your bbm already?? because all of my invites turn pending now.. do yours have such problems too??

  8. When I run the app it shows the blackberry website where they are asking for email id to send an update whenever the official app will be launched

  9. Screen showing setting up BBM and not moving a single inch from that from last one hour…………..please tell what to do……………

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