Best wordpress security plugin

Best WordPress Security Plugin 2013

Security is one of the most essential requirements in wordpress blog. As in 2012, the India’s most famous blog got hacked the issue becomes more serious. But when you search for a best wordpresssecurity plugin you will find tons of plugins. It’s really a mess which to pick and which to kick. Most of them works differently and are made for different purpose. Some of them are paid and some are free. But if you have to choose a single plugin out of these which will you choose?

Best WordPress Security Plugin 2013

Do not worry i have very good security plugin for you which i am using for a long time. It is Better WP Security which is available for free on It works like charm for me and handles all my security issues easily and automatically. It is one of the best wordpress security plugin out in the market right now.

best security plugin wordpress 2013

Better WP Security –

In short words easy yet effective. I have many features which helps you in making your blog more secure.

Some of its key features are – 

  1. Changes the scan your site for vulnerabilities and fix them.
  2. Detect and block various attacks.
  3. Prevent brute force attacks.
  4. Ban troublesome bots/hosts and user agents.
  5. Moniter filesystem for any unauthorized file changes.
  6. Backup your database at any custom schedule.
  7. Detect hidden 404 errors which badly affect your seo.
  8. Hide the default user and admin login url (i.e. to any custome url like
  9. Changes the default wp-content folder to custom.
  10. Hides themes, plugin and core update notification for my other users who do not have permission to update them.
  11. Correct the file permission of sensitive files like.htaccess, wp-config.php etc. so that no one can access.

Performance – It is also one of the most important issue for most of the blogger that are on shared server that Will it affect my site load speed? The answer is NO. It is almost negligible. I have measured it with P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) wordpress plugin and found that it was not taking much resources. Better WP security is taking 0.307 seconds whereas Jetpack plugin is taking 0.1094 seconds. My blog is not much affect by using this plugin but one change is there, it is more secure now. Better WP Security have fixed all the security issues with one click.

 Best WordPress security plugin 2013

Conclusion – One click and its done. It takes all your burden related to security issues. I know that it is having tough competition with Wordfence and BulletProof Security but i am using Better WP Security for a long time and it works great for me. Very simple interface, easy to use, no negative effect on site performance, alert for any security issue instantly and the most important it does not show any compatibility issue with my other plugins. Do not hesitate to allow giving it permission to writing to .htaccess and wp-config file. Therefore, it is the best wordpress security plugin of 2013.

 Do you know any other wordpress security  plugin then share it with us. 

In the next post i will showing you how to install and configure setting of Better WP Security. Keep Visiting !!!


For more please read the plugin page –

Better WP Security


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